Sunday, January 12, 2014


Photo by John Brudek

I want to dance. I feel that is the ultimate form of expression. Being I cannot, for several reasons, I have chosen to express myself through my photography, showing how others express themselves through music, art, or just being.

This is a journey. A contribution to life. It is to open one's eyes to the world. It is to find that one unlikely place in life and to celebrate it. I have met people who see my passion, and who also have their passion. This synergy propels me, us, to knew heights. It sustains. All we have to do is to continue the journey.

For me, photography is me. For my mom, it was her art. For you, you can define. Feel the energy. Feel the love. Feel the source that motivates you. Pull up on your boot straps. Get on that ride. Take the journey. I choose to take the road less traveled. To journey without instruction. To find what was said could not be done. That is what will define me.

I have been doing this for 2 years now. All I have done is taken baby steps. There is much more, much much more, that I need to experience. I would like to thank everyone who has come into my life. It brings me joy, sadness, hope. To make a difference one can only feel all this and be blessed. I am feeling blessed.

"Carpe diem, contribute to the play of life." - Wes

Photo by Micah Hattaway

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