Friday, January 3, 2014

The Robots - 2014 off to a good start!

Photo by Cheryl Marie Brass

After coming back off a holiday like New Years Eve, one expects the following Friday to be a bit dull because everyone is partied out. Not this time! I think the band brought a record crowd into The Track Lounge this evening, with Jeff Massey at the helm.

It has been fun watching the band JAM with the guest musicians. It brings a new dimension to their play. It heightens the game as it were. Each JAM is treated as if no JAM will occur like it again. This brings the energy to the not just to the band, but also to the public. Thanks guys!

Here are some photos and vids of the evening, again "as shot" without editing . . .

These next two photos I had just taken the camera out of the car, and the lens was fogged over . . .

The Vids

318 N. Jackson St.
Crown Point, IN 46307
(219) 663-9838

For more information on "The Robots" . . .

Loyal Plastic Robots
or "The Robots"
Pete Calacci (219) 616-1470
Bob Sherman (219) 805-7140

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