Friday, January 3, 2014

Who Prov at The Second City

Who Prov. They put their best foot forward this closing night at Donny's Skybox. This was their second run. Could this regenerate to another? WHO knows. Time will tell.

I had a flash of perhaps the not so obvious. I think the actual Doctor Who episodes, both classic and new, parallel improv when you look at it face value. Not that the Doctor Who series is improv, because it is not. There is a script and directing. However, when I watch Who Prov it is the action and randomness of Doctor Who. Yes these actors are making it Who like, however, they are doing improv. What do you think? Perhaps it is just me.  Sort of another flash, the improv is the writer, director, actor, rolled into one.  The improv orchestrates with the other improvs to tell a story, to make us laugh, to make us not question what is around us, and sometimes question.

Tonight I met some of my Chicago Doctor Who Meetup group (photo below), organized by Gordon. This was their first event for 2014, and my first actual Meetup with them. I think everyone who has attended Who Prov was most likely a fellow Whovian, however, knowing a specific group is there because they like Doctor Who made it that much more enjoyable for me. Like having family with you.

Tonight's Who Prov was probably one of the best, and with a full house!!!!!


Brit Belsheim

Keenan Camp

John Chesney

Logan Dean

Mel Evans

Courtney Fontaine

Karen Gillespie

Stephen Kropa

Ryan Perisin

C.J. Tuor

SFX & Foley

Stephanie McCullough
Byron Roussin

Lets start off with some photos from the 4th floor where Donny's Skybox is . . .

Full House!

Here are my photos of Who Prov, closing night, second run.

The audience member who is providing us with information for the show . . .

Now this part was cool. It made my night. It kicked started 2014 for me. Who Prov took one of the photos I had taken of them, all the actors signed it, framed it, and gave it to me at the end of the show. Something totally unexpected, and appreciated. Thanks Who Prov!

Time for the audience to get their photo with the Tardis . . .

Until the next regeneration . . . I hope . . .

Who Prov
("Have TARDIS Will Travel" - Wes)

Donny's Skybox
1608 N Wells St.
Chicago, IL  60610
(312) 337-3992

You can check out my Chicago Tardis 2013 blog by clicking "here".  Who Prov was there!!!

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