Saturday, January 25, 2014

Mikey Classic, Soda Gardocki, and Pearls Mahone at the Brauer House

Paul Henry's Art Gallery's Thursday night JAM has brought me to so many musical venues. Much to do with meeting and following Lou Shields. Another large portion through my musician friends The Robots (courtesy of my close photo friend Renee). Through Lou I have met and watched Mikey Classic at The Abbey Pub about 9 months ago, and met Pearls Mahone perhaps 6 months ago. This evening for the first time I was able to see and listen to Soda Gardocki (also a friend of Lou's) and Pearls Mahone in person. What a treat!

To go see a big name band and pay some big bucks is one thing. To go see many small bands and solo musicians for free (or minimal cover charge) is super great! It is like turning off your radio and forcing you to go through your record collection, which I find very enjoyable. Yes, this is new talent, original music, and the roots that drive their music seems more genuine than what you hear on the radio today. Now, I do enjoy a Led Zeppelin or two, or three, or four on the radio, or spinning the CD. Yet witnessing live music from an aspiring artist(s) heightens the experience as an equivalent to listening to Led Zeppelin (for me). Yet surpasses that because it is "real", "now", "different".

Mikey Classic, Soda Gardocki, and Pearls Mahone are brilliant. I think I just have to mention again they are friends of Lou Shields, and it seems that is all anyone needs to hear. You do have to see their show in person to understand why they are brilliant. Each different, yet each going for the same result . . . to entertain us with "their kind of music".

Here are some photos of the evening, starting with Mikey Classic. This night at the Brauer House, the lighting was definitely in my favor, so I hope you find a photo or two that you really enjoy.

 Mikey Classic

These next few photos were done on purpose. My play time.

Some photos inside Brauer House . . .

Carley and Mark - the New Fad

Soda Gardocki

Pearls Mahone

Don't ask me why . . . I fell in love with Gina the drummer . . .

Pearls is currently working on raising funds for her Europe tour. Check out her merch, music, and as always feel free to donate.

Mikey Classic

Soda Gardocki

Pearls Mahone

Brauer House
1000 N. Rohlwing Rd #13
Lombard, IL 60148

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