Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Music Improv Night (M.I.N.T.) at Studio BE 1/22/2014

Oh what an evening. I went to the MINt Music Improv Night tonight. It took me 2 hours to get there. As the clock was ticking closer and closer to show time, and I was no where near, it was like oh well, I still want to photograph them. I finally arrived and walked in the door a little after they started. No expectations. Then wam, I started taking photos. The evening was packed full of fun. A very well done set of improvs indeed.

As I walked in I first saw Courtney, then later inside Keenan. They were in my very first improve I went to. So it was like homecoming to me. I was having a blast. They had their JAM tonight after all the ensembles had their time up front. During one of the sessions I was volunteered to go up on stage. I think it was Keenan who graciously did that. (Him, no him, [as I feel the finger pointing at me from behind].) So, here I go, up to the stage with the other improvs, never doing improv before, with two large cameras strapped to me. Funny thing was, I was not nervous at all. (Had my cameras as my security blanket.) All I was thinking, "what can I photograph from 'on stage'". Then it hit me, I was up there to do something with the improvs. As I listened in I felt the realization of what these actors do. This is quick, head spinning, non-rehearsed, better know what you are doing and know your fellow improv kind of moment. It was a very interesting feeling being up there, contributing when I could, finding myself zoning into photography because of my passion for it. (Perhaps as a safety net but did not feel like that.) So, yes I made a pretty poor improv, but I had fun at it.

Here are the photos . . . Enjoy!

Okay, you are going to look at these photos and go "what the", so picture a Western with a jail and later some horses . . . this was pretty cool improv . . .

The only line I could think of, to squeeze in, was "Dad, get in front of the camera." You can see the others laughing, so I guess I did okay . . .

Photo Courtesy of  Heather Marie Scholl

I felt like a prop. A very Thrilled Prop! (Only because, being my first time, I could not keep up with them.)  My mind was absorbing the moment, blank in anticipation, tuned to just now. I knew whatever I would do, I would photograph. That is my passion. The improvs - I was on stage feeling their passion. This next photo that Stephanie pointed out to me, shows why improvs love doing what they do. It is to put a smile on our face. It is to make us laugh. It is to give us an experience we can go back to our friends and talk about. It is also to push one self to do what you have not done before, like any athlete, wanting to make it to the next level.

As I write this I feel my passion is not just the photography. It is sharing it with everyone both photography and my feelings at that moment. The writing becomes part of that. The digging deep inside becomes part of that. In many ways I am not much different that anyone else who has a passion. Yet, these improvs I feel set themselves apart in some way. Being on stage gave me a glimpse of their reality. It was so cool. I sit back and watch the vids I took, and I reflect on the talent of these people. The desire to learn, to experience, to practice what all they can in an environment that is improv. In this case Music Improv!!!!

These next couple vids add to what happens at the music improv. A free-for-all of fun!!!! A mad clash of talent!!!! An anticipation that cannot be found, yet you find yourself on the edge of your seat!!!!

I get so caught in the moment that I fail to remember the simple things, like peoples names. I have met a lot of people. I recognize them, know who they are, less name. So, if you guys see me please remember that. Sometimes it takes an experience like Keenan Camp volunteering me onto the improv stage to make it stick. Speaking of which, yes, I would be volunteered on stage again and again, as long as I can take photos and be a Thrilled Prop!!! lol

Thank You!

Studio BE
3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 248-5900


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