Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Cryin' Side of Town - Live at the Cary Pub 1-18-14

I have been following David Prusina for a couple years now. The first time I met him was the first time I ventured out to do photography, and it was because of Lou Shields. (The Horseshoe in Chicago 3/11/12.) That same night I also witnessed the talent of Jonathan Monti and Austin Thomas. About a year later was when I met Henry Heine.

These gentlemen, and yes I call them gentlemen, have created a smooth folk sound that brings excitement. They bring talent. They bring a need to overcome, to improve. Musician problem solvers if you will. The outcome . . . something of brilliant quality.

As I stretch my photography to new parts of the area, and country, I find I cannot attend to the musicians I enjoy. My thirst for photography, knowledge gained from doing photography, takes me in many directions. This night was not a good not to be driving 90 minutes for a 2 hour gig, however, the respect I have for these guys, and my need to get back to them for my own happiness, ended in great joy. Here are some photos of the evening.

Autographs from the Rock Star . . .

The trip back home, photographed in color, with snow . . .

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