Friday, July 4, 2014

Chicago with Nick

My son Nick moved to Chicago, oh, maybe 3 months ago. I had not been up to see him until today. I chose this day and early morning (8:00 AM) hoping the morning traffic would be light. I was right. This made for an easy, stress free, day for photography.

All of these photos are probably within a half mile or less of his place, both North and West. We did not go South or towards the lake. That can be another day.

Afterward we drove over to the Garfield Park Conservatory, then I took him by Studio BE on Sheffield. Hoping that he may take the L there some time to meet me and watch the improvs.

This next photo is like across the street and around the corner from him. Nobody around. A nice place to sit and read in quiet.

I like the reflection of buildings on the building in this next photo . . .

Trump tower . . .

I really did not see why the fuss over the Trump name on the building. Without it, the area would look a bit sterile if you ask me. There were other signs of hotels near by that really took away from the scene. At least this looked like it belonged there.

Of all things to see downtown Chicago . . . an old water tower . . . (next two photos).

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