Sunday, July 20, 2014

Illiana Derby Dames vs. Illinois Valley Vixens

Roller derby is always interesting to watch. It takes skill to skate the track, give and take hits, and to endure the 1-hour, keeping your energy throughout.

The bout today had a mixed team on the other side of the Illiana Derby Dames. The Illinois Valley Vixens added to their team, members of the South Shore Roller Girls to keep their count up. New team - White Mystry.  In the end, the Illiana Derby Dames won.

Today the proceeds from ticket sales were donated to the Carmelite Home for Children. Note, these ladies do this for free, and for charity, and they love every minute of it.

Here are the photos, starting with some warm up . . .

Equipment check. Safety first!!!! This is a full contact sport. The difference, these ladies do not roll around the ground in pain like soccer players. They tighten up their boot straps and get back in the game.

And their off!!! Well, sort of. This particular league is a slow flat track. Lots of pushing, shoving, gripping the floor with the skate action. It is . . . action, finding and holding position, clearing lanes, and sometimes just plain trying to keep your traction with the floor.

Illiana Derby Dames hale out of the Lynwood Skating Ring, in Lynwood, IL. You can find more about them here . . .

Illiana Derby Dames

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