Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thirsty Thursday at Bottom's Up - 6/3/2014

Oh, there are reasons to go outside and to enjoy the day, or evening. After work I went to Paul Henry's Art Gallery, then to Bottom's Up in Lansing for Thirsty Thursday. A bunch of musicians show up and play, hosted by the Rolling Jones. Tonight we got a lot of Jeff Massey, which is always a pleasure. Of course it is always a pleasure to see my friend Danny Mac on base. Jeremy Smolen, Amy McCormick, Cousin Dave, Ed Fell, Jennifer Durham, Bob Sherman, Anthony Fornaciari, Chris Karp, Diana Baumer, the fellas from Smoke No. 7, and many others were in the house.

Here are photos of the evening . . .

There was more . . .

Come out and enjoy the outdoor music at Bottom's Up!

Bottom's Up Bar & Grill
1696 Thornton Lansing Rd
Lansing, IL

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