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SSRG Tryouts 7/12/2014

Roller Derby is cool, like Doctor Who bow ties and fezzes. You know though, it is not the garb that does it. It is about the people in it. Roller Derby and Doctor Who is not for everyone. The people in it are rare jems, and they are there for everyone. They support, become a team, a clan if you will. They defend one another. They have fun with one another. Derby time is their time away from the chaos in the world. This is there time to set things straight.

I do enjoy writing. I do imagine. There would be no "what if", if one did not imagine. If we did not imagine, these ladies would not have put wheels from the stone age on their feet . . . okay, just trying to make a funny.

In a way putting skates on has a way of leveling the playing field. Your shape no longer matters, nor your size or how you think. You put together what works for you and play it against your opponent. You may dodge, go fast, get in their way, maneuver your way through. It takes planning, and a use of thought and muscle to get through, or to hold back depending what side of the starred hat you are on.

Today was tryouts for the South Shore Roller Girls. Our NW Indiana Roller Derby girls. This particular tryout was a lot of fun for me. Whether I took good photos or not. I got to see those who came to try out, and those who welcomed them and worked with them, to enable them to put out their best for audition.

Each one of the ladies who came to tryout were great. I saw them hit the floor scared. I saw them settle in at their skill level. And the fun thing for me, I got to see them improve through the coaching of SSRG. That tells me a lot about the character of Roller Derby. SSRG represents the sport very well.

Here are some photos of the morning. Enjoy!!!

Skating backwards . . . I cannot even fathom going forward . . .

Laying down on the job . . . or love making to the floor, whichever you choose . . .


Though a saw a difference in performance between this lady and SSRG, she showed a lot of fortitude. She made some good improvement throughout the morning. That mindset will win her a spot, if not today, tomorrow. Practice!!!






More Love Making to the Floor






Sometimes, you just see . . .
















Do not ever mistake this, Roller Derby, as being easy. It is not. However, you will always improve if you try. I love every one of these ladies. They are enjoying life. In that, I am able to photograph them and enjoy life too. They have helped me to absorb their emotions, their being, in "why roller derby". It pulls me in.

Next time I would like to be in the middle of the track. Their track, the line in which they skate, so I can photograph the energy "being on the floor", like I had with the skaters at Wilson Park. Hopefully some day.

You can find SSRG here . . .

South Shore Roller Girls

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