Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Chopin Theatre - Who Would Have Known?

Wow, what an evening.  Great music.  Great venue.  A great big thanks to Jody Robbins for putting on the show, and to Tony French for the sound.  Both of these gentlemen, and I do mean gentlemen, have done great in this great city of Chicago to promote Roots music!!!

I cannot help but to start off with the Chopin Theatre.  What a beautiful place. I felt honored to be here as soon as I walked in the door.  Everything was welcoming. Your eye just wanted to go everywhere to look and to feel the vibe.  Of course your body had to go along with. There is lots of history here. I cannot help but think the Chopin Theatre is making more history by helping, allowing, Roots music to perform here.

Here are some photos from outside when I arrived.  You have heard of a town square . . . this is a town triangle.  The roads that pass through here form a small triangle island.  A pretty good way to know you are here.  Today they had some vendors and music going on the island.  I caught the last 10 minutes before it shut down.

When I went inside, I was a bit mesmerized. I made it downstairs, following the sound. Hangdog Hearts was doing their sound check.

After finding a spot for photography home base, I walked around the theater and photographed.

There were plenty of mirror to play around with, framing photos in, and just plain giving you a different angled look at things.

Soda Gardocki opened the evening for us. I first met him at Brauer House in Lombard. His Country Swamp rhythm just makes you go hmm . . . good.

Mirror time again . . .

Once and a while I will switch up how I shoot "in camera". I dread post production work. So I do as much in camera as I can. Here are some sepia tone for you . . .

Next up, Hangdog Hearts. I first met them at Reggies Music Joint. I think Lou Shields opened for them. In fact, I know all of these musicians because of Lou. Thanks Lou!

Their music is from the heart. Strong, with conviction!!! Be prepared to be thrown back into your seat. What a ride . . .

Shawn Ruckus Hauger on percussion . . . gotta love him because he wears a Lou Shields cap once and a while . . .

I love Heather Craig here. She plays a fun violin. I love it when she smiles. It is contagious . . .

Speaking of hats . . .

Mirror time.  Look to the back.

Headlining . . . Jose & The Wastemen from France. Very laid back, kind, and grateful to be playing for us. You can see their difference, how they play, present themselves, as compared to most bands. That difference is what made them interesting . . . along with their good sound.

I chose to shoot some HD "in camera".  Photo of my buddy Mark Verbeck.

I had a great time. Thanks again to Jody Robbins and Tony French. They are good people, surrounding themselves with good people. Life is good.

Chopin Theatre
1543 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL  60642

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