Wednesday, July 23, 2014

MINt Season 4 Finale!!!

Yes, I took my title from the MINt Season 4 Finale Facebook page. It is fitting, to celebrate those from this season.

I see an improv and say to myself, “This person is good. They came out strong. They left an impression.” Then I find myself saying that time and time again, for every improv out there. My conclusion: Improvs are great! They support each other. They cheer each other on. They want to see their fellow improv succeed. Nobody stands out, even those seen within the improv community as having natural talent. Those individuals glean from their fellow improvs.

Bottom line, the Chicago music improv community is very impressive. I feel the synergy, and it is magnifying, drawing in family, friends, Chicago. Because of the improvs I have seen / met, this is the first time I can say I am proud to know Chicago.

Lots of tears this evening too. There are a lot of connections made at M.I.N.T. These connections have accumulated over the 4 seasons. These tears at the end of this season are not taking anything away from seasons past. These are tears that “this is working”, “music improve night will be here to stay!”. There is a lot of gratitude. There is a lot of joy. It all came to a head tonight.

When I arrived, one ensemble was outside singing their hearts out, having a blast. Going inside, wow, a lot of people. Seems the earlier I leave my home in Indiana to get here, I still arrive at the same time. Just before they start. So finding a seat in this packed house tonight was close to impossible. I found one in the top corner, blocked by the pole. So I chose to give it to another patron and stand. After all, I am a photographer . . .

Because of standing, I walked around more and photographed from different locations. I found that sitting on the floor, up front in front of the front row, was a unique angle to photograph from. Also felt like I was in the improv being that close. A cool experience.

I also think being a packed house, with extra seating added up front to make it up front and personal, the improvs this evening got psyched. Things seemed to go so much better for all the ensembles. It was Great!!!

Byron is always in the booth with very little lighting, running the lighting. So I took this opportunity to photograph him for as much as I could. Byron was kind enough to let me be in his booth for a while, to take photos from a higher angle. Thank yo Byron!!! You need an award too! (These photos of Byron were taken while I was sitting on the floor.)

L   L   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   U   U   U   U   U   U   U   U   U   U   U   U   U

Sometimes when you take a poorly exposed photo, you do not want to work with it because it will still look bad. I chose to "grain" this already poorly exposed grained photo to just carry the effect to the max. Thought it cool at the moment, so I am sharing.

3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 248-5900


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