Friday, May 4, 2012

Loyal Plastic Robots Strike Again - Big!

Tonight was equal to the best I have seen from The Robots. The other was the first time I went to see them. A large crowd was present to energize them, making it fun for all. I took a lot of video this time. The downside was the photo shoot. I changed my camera setting to see what I could do to get better color. There is always a trade off. You do not get something for nothing. So what I gained in color, I lost in shutter speed, hence there were more photos this time that did not turn out. Also, I thought I would try downgrading the video recording quality so I could upload larger files for you to watch. That backfired a little too in that I lost quality. Also, I need to use a tripod. Quality is everything. So lessons learned, keep learning and trying new things, however keep some of the "known" in the mix, with the goal to improve the outcome for the customer . . . You!

Okay, off my business kick and back to The Robots.  There was a large crowd this evening as I already said.  The Robots got off to a strong start, and stayed strong throughout the evening.  I could tell they were putting the effort in.  It was the endurance I now wanted to see.  At the end, they endured, kicked it higher than the energized audience was kicking them, and made it a great night for all.  Thanks!

And before I forget, thank you Bob Sherman for re-arranging the lights! It helped tremendously. One more improvement would be to get more light on stage right.

The Robots

Bob Sherman - Lead Vocal, Guitar, Bass Buitar

Pete Calicci - Lead Guitar, Vocal

Chris Wander - Keyboards, Vocal, and anything else he can get his hands on

Ed Fell - Drummer, Vocal

Danny Mac - Bass Guitar, Guitar, Vocal, and because he cannot remain idle, anything he can get his hands on too

Now for some photos.  The first photo is Mr. Amazing on keyboards . . .

What I have been doing with my photography, to better understand it, is to print some of the photos I take in large format. I have done several 36x24 prints, that very from super high quality to just marginal. My intent is to be able to pre-determine what will make a good larger print should someone ever ask for one. This next next photo of Chris may make it into the "quality" category as far as exposure and clarity. I will have to print one to find out.

Seems like I did not get the memo about getting a hair cut. Well, maybe Pete and I did not get it . . .

And I cannot leave Danny out of a 36x24.  This next photo may be it, though check some of the others out first Danny.

And it became family time. Bob's daughter and wife joined him on stage . . .

The band kicked into some Blues for a few songs. One of these days, I hope my friends from Paul Henry's will come out to see The Robots, bring their instruments, and JAM with them. This next photo is of Ed, shifting to his Blues rhythm. . .

For the angles I want to shoot, I do not have the right lens.  I need more of a wide angle.  I am saving my pennies so that one day I can buy one.  In the mean time, I may have to borrow one from my friend Mark Biegel.  So, my apologies to Danny for cutting him off the next photo.

One of the few times I actually post a photo with a mic covering someone up. Though slim pickens, this photo was still nice enough to share.

The next photo is Richard, the owner of The Track Lounge . . .

A lot more dancing this Friday as well.  If I did not have my camera, I would have joined . . . photography first . . .

Mr. Base turned Mr. Guitar . . . very cool expression of the inner Danny Mac.

Bob announced during these next couple photos that Pete was having sex with his guitar, however I think Bob was having fun as a voyeur . . . don't ask me how I know how to spell that . . .

Friends of the band came up to give the audience another kick, and it worked . . .

I really like this guitar of Pete's.  Pete, if there is any history with this guitar you want to share, send it on in and I will post . . .

This is one of the few times I have been able to photograph Danny in some good lighting, so I took advantage of it . . . and this is only a sample of what I took!

I have written a few blogs on the Loyal Plastic Robots. You can find them by clicking on the links below. You can see them Live at The Track Lounge in Crown Point, every 1st Friday of the month. Be there, or be square . . .

February 3rd performance Click Here

March 2nd performance Click Here

Additional Performance March 23rd Click Here

April 6th performance Click Here

The Track Lounge
318 N. Jackson St.
Crown Point, IN  46307
(219) 663-9838

Call these guys if you are in need of a Classic Rock band:

Loyal Plastic Robots
or "The Robots"
Pete Calicci (219) 616-1470
Bob Shearman (219) 805-7140

Please check out the other great things to do around NW Indiana as well.  Currently playing at the Towle Theater in Hammond, next to Paul Henry's Art Gallery where there is a Thursday night acoustical JAM, is The 39 Steps, which I was allowed to photograph the rehearsal before opening night.

And, check out my photography portfolio by Clicking Here.

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