Saturday, May 26, 2012

Tin Ceiling Tavern - Homewood IL

I was looking for something to do this evening.  I originally had a photo shoot to do - it was cancelled.  Thought perhaps I would go out to dinner and a movie with friends, however during the indecision I became wrapped up in the last blog post.  At the point I was ready to take a break, I saw on FB that Lou Shields was going to the Tin Ceiling in Homewood with Matt Heckler!  I had totally forgot about this event because of the scheduled photo shoot.  So I dropped everything and ran out the door!

For those who may not know, I am originally from that area.  I lived in Glenwood for about 36 years, in Homewood for a year, went to Homewood-Flossmoor High School, and well, this was my stomping ground.  I was thrilled to go back.

When I arrived, the "feel of home" settled in.  I had to run around the corner with my camera to photograph the Gottschalk house at 1801 Martin Ave, where I lived on the second floor for about a year.  This was a very drastic change in my life at that time, which is why I probably felt so attached.

And across the street was the Homewood-Florist, where I had bought flowers for all of my dates, even when I left Illinois . . .

Tin Ceiling was not the name of the tavern when I was growing up.  I do not recall what it was . . . not important.  What is important is that it still is a neighborhood bar for friends to hang out, and this night, for an open mic.  Here are a few photos I took inside.

(P.S.  Click on the photo to enlarge it, and click on the enlarged photo to index through.  If anyone can help me with the missing names, please message me.)

Matt Bailey

Crystal (I believe that is her name)

Matt Heckler

Now what was really cool, was Matt wrote a song about 20 minutes ago, stood up front, thought about 30 seconds on what chords to play with it, and just did it. WOW!

Gregg Calpino

And, a little rap going on . . . Funny enough, I heard my first rap in high school about 1975. So it was fitting to hear it live in the same town once again . . .

Lou Shields, Melissa Welch, and Lou's friend Rory Carolan.

I just cannot get enough of Melissa, because she enjoys her music so much.  The joyness sort of sticks to you . . .

In all it was an enjoyable evening out with friends, meeting new friends, in a friendly home town that I grew up around and in. I need to do more of this . . .

Tin Ceiling Tavern
2012 Ridge Rd.
Homewood, IL  60430
(corner of Dixie and Ridge)
(708) 798-5262

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