Thursday, May 10, 2012

88th Acoustical JAM - Paul Henry's Art Gallery

If you have never been to Paul Henry's Art Gallery in Hammond, IN, here's a quick peak inside of this 1902 built wood structure.

And a quick peak outside at 416 Sibley Blvd, Hammond, IN . . .

This first photo is of a father and son team, which was pretty cool to watch and listen to.

Lou Shields

Another new artist came to the gallery this night.  I do remember his first name - Pat.  He played all the music from my era.  I especially liked The Who.  (Hopefully I did not loose my mind, which I tend to pick up off the floor once and a while, and he did play some Who.  I always get wrapped up in the moment, and mentally fail in details, though the photography does tend to pick me back up at times.)

I walk around the gallery more than I use to, catching things that one would miss if you stayed in the room with the performing artist, which means I now miss a lot of the performance of the artist. However, this evening I saw Lou carrying his stuff out the back door as if he were leaving. He was actually going to go out back to see if he could bone up on his new music, to come back in and play for his next set. John Brudek commented that now Lou would be in John's realm for photography (on the street), and I took the opportunity to follow Lou and John to learn. Here are some of the photos, late at night, and no flash. As the photo shoot went on, John became creative, and I joined in. See if you can pick everything out . . .

People coming in and out of the door, into the parking lot, grabbed Lou's attention.  However his fingers and feet kept moving.

And, I did not do anything to these photos.  No sepia tone added.  This is how I shot it.

I had to get this all in.  Lou, the layout of his equipment, the gallery sign, Lou's artwork that I had bought, the building itself, and of course the old faithful P.H. Mueller Hardware sign.  To me, this photo sets the mood, the vibe, the ambiance, the flare if you will, and simplicity, of what Paul Henry's Art Gallery adds to the community and to art itself.

Adrian Remirez

and Lauren

Adrian and Lauren make a fun couple.  I have fun with these two, and especially clowning around with Lauren.

This next photo is Gary Price's painting of Mary Margaret. Gary was kind enough to ask if he could buy a photo I had at the gallery one night. Nobody has even come up to me with a request like that before, so I gave it to him. As I am finding out from Gary and my post sales on my other website, is that artists will use subject photos to practice and enjoy their art of painting. This painting I thought was cool. I know what the real photo looks like, and somewhat know the person in my photo and Gary's painting. I thought Gary did a great job bringing up the colors and the beauty of Mary Margaret that I had photographed. Both a compliment to her and me. You can see my photo's of Mary Margaret on my site.

And, photographers are not use to hearing camera shutters outside their own.  John did a quick look back after I took the above photo, while Lou felt right at home.

Lee Watson and his daughter team up. A well rounded team. They keep you mellow and can get you off your seat.

And later joined by Pat . . .

I am not sure why, however it seems my camera is sorting flash and non-flash. This was at the end of my shoot, and the only flash I took this night. Perhaps only the third the entire time I have owned this camera.

Paul Henry's Art Gallery
Thursday Night Acoustical JAM
416 Sibley Blvd.
Hammond, IN 46320

For a collection of my photography, that at the present time I am still posting to, you can check out


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