Sunday, May 27, 2012

Promise You Family

I had the opportunity to catch the very end of Promise You Family at Paul Henry's Art Gallery, when I was out doing my tubthumping.  I was impressed with the little I heard, and wanted to see them again when I got the chance.  Well, the chance came, I took it, and I would take it again . . .

The performance was at JJ Kelleys in Lansing.  With Promise You Family was Care and Quentin Samuel  All were great.  Here ares some photos.  Do realize that I do not control the lighting.  So what you see was perhaps the best I was going to get . . .

First up . . .

Quentin Samuel

Quentin was good. His voice was like a story teller. That is meant to be a complement. He pulls you in with his tone, the words, the heart felt image that I believe was in his head as he sang. It made me feel like I was the one singing it. A very different vibe from what I have experienced from other musicians.

Next . . .

Band Members . . .

Justin Majetich - Lead Vocal, Guitar

Josiah Majetich - Drums

Robbie Vacik - Bass

Jackson Hall - Lead Guitar

These guys were good. Watching them before they played, they appeared laid back, easy going, taking as it comes. When on stage, they turned into some giants. Your mind quickly adjusted to their increase in energy. Justin kicked on vocal, Jackson let it all out on lead guitar, and Josiah and Robbie filled the rhythm that completed this group of four guys into that one giant. What was cool was, these guys are not new to this. Or at least they did not sound new. They knew who they were, what they wanted to say, with change in tempo, volume, making every note and word important. That struck me as very cool and memorable.

Here are some photos of CARE. I apologize that I could not do better, because I really wanted to. Perhaps I will find another chance.

If you have tried shooting digital, with automatic focus and color adjustment, and no flash, you understand that the shutter does not always cooperate and "lock on" when you want it too. However, sometimes you get cool images like Jackson's guitar waving in front of the camera as I attempt to photograph Josiah, as in the next photo.

To get more of CARE, please check out their FB page at:

Promise You Family

Mallory Thomas - Vocal
Zach Blink - Vocal, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums
Jeff Brink - Bass, Electronics
David Lubarski - Vocal, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard
Aaron Osborn - Beats, Noises

As I had mentioned, I have been waiting to hear this band, and I do tell you the wait was well worth it. As what they stand for, they are correct, that they Promise You "originality, creativity, and artistic integrity." This family is made up of a lot of members, which get together to bring us real music. Music that stirs you, shows complexity at all levels, that is really simplicity at one level. I was very happy to hear them this evening.

So, here are some photos for you to enjoy . . .

Thank you  Promise You Family for having a mission that I believe more need to see, hear, and enjoy!

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