Friday, May 18, 2012

Wow . . . If only people new . . .

Tonight I went to the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago. Wow!

I have to mention Jill again, and the Facebook messaging we did on how much there is out there to enjoy.  I am going to say it.  People get wrapped up in their big picture, the plan, the ultimate goal in life, when in reality what life is, is all around you.  You just have to open the door and look out.

I was blown away by the Zhou B Art Center.  Someone actually put together what I had dreamed of . . . a large venue to allow the artists to express themselves, to enjoy themselves, to allow us to enjoy ourselves, and for everyone to support each other, and all for free.  There were multiple floors, multiple studios on each floor, multiple people on each floor, so many multiples I lost count.  Oh, there are five floors and a basement, if I counted right.

I went here because I wanted to know what it was about.  Brabant Lenting had a showing of his art, and Lou Shields was there to bring music to us, all on the 4th floor.  Later it was cool to see John Brudek, Jen Jackson, and Stoney McGee.  Felt like family time there.

Each floor of the building had something exciting being played by a musician.  Each floor has different art, different . . . well, okay, you get the hint.

I do not care what you do in life, as long as you go check this place out.  Here are some photos from this evening, with a couple video clips.  Please excuse the color balance.  It does not do any justice to the actual art, so go see for yourself . . . please . . .

Brabant Lenting

For whatever reason this next photo with the three pieces of art on the column struck me. I need to go back and buy one of them.

In case you so not see it, take a closer look at the reflection of the person in the glass. I saw this and needed to capture it.  Okay, maybe it is just me . . . liking this.

Lou Shields

This artist, Brigitte Wolf, I fell in love with in many ways. Her paintings, her personality, her energy and excitement. It was a very pleasant experience. I toured the building about five times, up and down stairs, in and out of studios. Brigitte's studio smelled like, felt like, like I wanted it to be like, home.

I like how the artists are able to lay claim to their turf, marking the hallways, corners, with their artist scent.  It made the tour a very whirl wind of culture.

I became lost in this next space. So simple and pleasing.  What I could not get a good photograph of was what was going on left side of photo.  It was pretty cool.  No, I am not going to explain this one.  You will just have to go see for yourself.

This was a most enjoyable evening.  Riches all around to enjoy.  A great place to bring a date some time.  A great place to feel alive.

Zhou B Art Center
1029 W. 35th Street
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 523-0200

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