Friday, May 11, 2012

Lou Shields - Live at Reggies

I like Lou, I like Reggies, I liked this Friday evening temperature because that allowed Reggies to open the "barn door" as it were.  So, YES I enjoyed the evening out after work, watching and listening Lou, having dinner, all at Reggies.  Besides me, there was also Mike Callahan.  And, where were you?

Reggies is a nice place to hang out after work.  Lou played their happy hour, and as I wrote in an earlier blog with Lou at Reggies, Lou made us happy with song, history, his passion for the music he plays.

The first time I saw Lou in action was at Paul Henry's Art Gallery, December 30th, 2011.  This my first time at Paul Henry's to see the Thursday night acoustical JAM.  I first visited Paul Henry's the Saturday before, which was the day I chose to be bold and deep dive into photography.

That first evening I saw Lou, I was hooked.  I saw something in him that transcended many artists I have come to know.  I could never put my finger on the reason why my Spidey sense was picking up on this.  This evening at Reggies the Ah Ha moment came, and ever since I have been building up the scenario after being the slueth, problem solver, detective, the kid that I am asking Why? a million times.

This past February I had decided I wanted to interview Lou, to do a blog entry on Lou, which I might plainly title "Lou Shields". Not that I know or understand anything that Lou thinks, eats, or breaths. What I do understand is the vibe he gives me. Why people like him. What I see in him that has inspired him to perform. The never ending passion that I see in him that energizes me to do photography. So, what is it? Sorry, spoilers!!! (Got that line "sorry, spoilers" from Alex Kingston in her roll from Doctor Who. Hated when she did that.) You will will to read my blog whenever I get it done!

Here are some photos at Reggies for you  to enjoy . . .

Lou Shields, the man everyone needs to know . . .

I think it would be cool that one time we all get together and meet up at Reggies to listen to Lou. "Electrified Lou" is an experience you will be pleased to have had, at least one time in your life.

2105 South State Street
Chicago, IL  60616
(312) 949-0120

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