Saturday, May 19, 2012

CornerStone Art Gallery - Whiting IN

It is nice to see an organization outreach to people.  CornerStone Art Center seems to be doing just that . . . outreaching to the NW Indiana region, supporting our artists by providing a venue where they can "voice" their creation.

I took a tour today of the art center, which is located inside the Centier Bank, on 119th street. Now, realize if you go to see this art center, you will need to do it during banking hours. On special occasions, I have been told, the bank will have longer hours to accommodate the art center.
Here are some photos that I took inside . . .

Whiting Indiana is a unique community. Everything you need seems to be within walking distance. The main street, 119th, always seems to be bustling with business of some kind. The CornerStone Art Gallery is located in the back of Centier Bank. There is even a small gift shop inside to purchase some of the local art.

I do recommend you visit Whiting IN, and while you are there, visit the the art center inside the bank.  To find out what is showing at the center, check out their schedule at:

CornerStone Art Gallery
1500 - 119th Street
Whiting, IN

Open during bank hours.

Enjoy the arts, enjoy my photography, and please go and enjoy the CornerStone Art Center in Whiting, IN. Go see what our local artists are up to!

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