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Community - Hammond's Monday Blues Cruise 7/8/24

Community. You live in one, travel through one, perhaps take a walk through one. You probably have met other community members and have become friends. This connection grows your roots in the community, one of service to the community, and can uplift your spirits along with the community's.

I will say that when communities try too hard to please everyone, and by everyone I mean surrounding communities. It becomes to busy. Meaning too much is happening beyond just being a community.

This weekly event downtown Hammond, and their market the 2nd Friday of the month (yes, this Friday is the market) is a community event to uplift spirits and to become part of a renewed Hammond community. Yes, people like myself attend who live outside the City of Hammond. We appreciate Hammond, and at least I believe Hammond was and will be once again the center hub of NW Indiana.

NW Indiana is dripping with talent. I have always written that. Hammond is one city where it all happens in one fashion or another. Whether it be Paul Henry's Art Gallery, Substation No.9, the Towle Theater, Beatniks On Conkey, Foreign Local Brewery & Taproom, or 18th Street Brewery. The point being, Hammond has sustained, and now is the time for it to grow. This is now the time for the community to take part to put an anchor down, a statement, that Hammond will become once again the focal point of NW Indiana.

Please share this blog with other Hammond friends. Get them to attend the every Monday Blues Cruise night, and the 2nd Friday Market that begins on 489 Fayette Street. Take part, support, create positive change, and if you desire ask how to participate.

The first few photos are of Paul Henry's Art Gallery. On Blues Cruise nights Paul Henry's offers live music. Just walk in, have a seat, and enjoy!

Substation No. 9

Come on out, see the automobiles (actually, anything with wheels), stroll down the street to listen to some music at Paul Henry's, and check out the art at Paul Henry's and Substation No.9. Enjoy what the Community has to offer!

Enter at 489 Fayette St
(Fayette and Oakley)

General public parking is along the side streets or up by Paul Henry's. Show parking is on Fayette Street.


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