Thursday, July 4, 2024

Nomad Planets 4th of July 2024

Planet hopping again, this time the band was found in Highland, Indiana at the town's 4th of July festival. Not unusual for this to happen, because that is what Nomads do.

My bride and I found a piece of shade to watch / listen to the Nomad's versions of themselves and others. It is motivating to say the least. Their original music is out of this world, and their twist on cover songs is definitely Nomad Planets based.

It takes us, the receivers of this talent, to attend and spread the word. These boys deserve to be household names and seen / heard by all. They feel the vibe of the time and play to us, one gift Chris Grove of the band has. I write this because since his joining of the band I see change. Change is good. To keep up that change for continuous change will be the bands challenge. I for one believe they are up to that challenge.

One sight I had was the arrival of the band "Together". As soon as one member staged his gear, you can see he automatically took notice of Nomad Planets and their rendition of a Zeppelin song. Then he started grooving to it. To have another band / musician take note of you and side jam with you, that is a huge complement.

First up this evening was Eli and the Elements. Caught the end of their show. Here are some photographs for you to enjoy. Please, share this blog and others of Nomad Planets. People need to know.

Nomad Planets

Nomad Planets


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