Friday, May 9, 2014

Griffith Central Market 5/9/2014

We need a focal point in NW Indiana. A core. Somewhere that will draw people in and to showcase our local talent. The Griffith Central Market is doing that. This market can be/is a hub for local talent. I am defining local to mean NW Indiana.

The focus for this market is music. Our region is dripping with talented musicians. Our region is also dripping in other art, whether it be painting, photography, or even roller derby. We need to showcase this talent. We need to support this talent. We need to draw people to shop local for local business to grow. We need community friendly big business to locate to NW Indiana. Griffith has the community spirit, the pride, the families that bring stability to a region. We can support our surrounding communities and say Yes, Griffith will lead. 

What is your definition of quality? One definition I use is, "meeting or exceeding the expectations of the customer." So, the customer defines quality, and there are many customers at the Griffith Central Market.

This evening I saw the Town of Griffith provide a range of quality to the people who came. I saw see how each of us were different in our definition, by what we chose to buy, eat, drink, and more. Given the varied products for us to choose from, each of us found an expectation of ours was met. Smiles everywhere for a super relaxing evening.

(Any local artists want to team up and show / sell your work? Let me know!!!!)

The following photos were taken randomly during the May 9th Griffith Central Market. This is a WEEKLY event!!! So come on out and enjoy Griffith with us!!!

(You can click on the photo to enlarge it. Also, you can find a list of the vendors by clicking here.)

The music this evening from . . . Bowman & Rose . . .

Sometimes I photograph just to photograph . . .

Yes, next week I am bringing my shopping bag . . .

You can catch more of the Griffith Central Market on Facebook!

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