Friday, May 30, 2014

Griffith Central Market 5/30/2014

This evening we had great weather. As I walked around the Griffith Central Market I saw a trend. Families and friends. Parents and their children everywhere. A very calming, assuring, meaningful experience if I do say. A sense of security.

The vendors are special too. They come from different places, however, they treat Griffith as if this were their home. They are so polite, helpful, and happy to see us. There is not a distance between us, rather, family and friends around us.

I do suggest you come and enjoy the experience. Bring a lawn chair. A blanket. Sit on the park lawn and listen to the music and picnic. There is every reason to come out and enjoy Griffith.

Here are some photos of the evening.

Not even the wine bottles from the market are tossed . . . they are re-purposed!!!

Recycle! It is very nice to see that Griffith has provided recycle bins for plastic bottles. We need to be aware of our environment, for our families. Pitch in!

This was funny. At leas to me. I see these ladies looking comfortable out on the park lawn. I took a photo. I became curious to see if I could photograph them from the front.

As I walked around, I saw they were my friends Jen and Sandra. Too funny. (At least for me.)

If you cannot read the T-shirt, it says Dad's against Daughters Dating (DADD) . . . he has a couple years to go . . .

The Griffith Central Market is every Friday, so come visit, relax, eat, and get to know our vendors who support us.

Griffith Central Market
600 N Broad St
Griffith, IN  46319
Friday's 3:00 to 8:00 pm

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