Friday, May 16, 2014

The Steepwater Band at Leroy's Hot Stuff 5/2014

It was really nice to see The Steepwater Band again. I barely know them. Still, they are like brothers to me. (I have written this about another band I know.) How? Because they dig music. They want to make every chord, every note, count. They are in sync with themselves, and with me.

People feel passion from others. I know I do. People want to feel good about life. Passionate. The Steepwater Band fills that need. They are passionate about their music. They hit it hard. They hit it soft. They rock it. They dig deep into their blues. They just let loose so we can dance.

Everyone wants more. I wish the best for The Steepwater Band. I know they deserve more. These guys rock it for us. We rock it for them by attending their shows. It is one big party, taking it for as long a ride as we can. Just like me and my photography.

Here are some photos of the evening. I keep experimenting, learning on my own, what I can do with the camera. A lot of photographs did not turn out this time and are not shown. In a way that hurts me, knowing I did not capture the evening to tell the story. In a way that helps me. To learn what works and what does not, so I can improve and do better next time, to tell their story . . .


Was going to write "our little drummer boy", then thought "no" because that may not be cool to write, then thought "what the hell, Joe's our drummer boy", so I am leaving it in. Thoughts and all.

In the blues, Eric Saylors. I purposely left all these shots in to so can closely look at Eric "in the zone". A beautiful sight . . .

Now lead guitar and singer Jeff Massey getting in the zone . . .

Cannot forget bass player Tod Bowers. As always he ripped base like. Those are some of the photos that did not turn out. (Meaning, I need more "Tod" photos in this blog but cannot provide.)

A little extra touch of sound from Eric . . .

Don't worry . . . we know who . . . (ask the man behind her).

A bit of a musical orgasm tonight. Felt good. Would do it again. Thank you The Steepwater Band!

The Steepwater Band

333 W. US Hwy. 20
Porter, IN  46304

"Lord, when I die, please make a day that all bands can play for me. (Musicians, artists, improvs, America and UK actors, who I know . . . All Aritsts.) Make a day of passion, one party, to uplift all who I know and care. Help them to continue their journey to fulfill my last desire for all to rock on. We are related through passion of many forms, including my photography. Peace." - Wes

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