Friday, May 16, 2014

The Mac Attack - Happy Birthday Danny!!!!

His big bad base sound, coupled to his serious intent to perform, make "The Mac Attack"! Yes people, he is real. He is powerful. His name, Danny Mac.

Happy Birthday Danny!

You think I jest. Nay, you think story tell. Ye afeard thee may belike knave musician? What say ye? Mark this, twill be no better than, Sir Danny Mac.

Danny is a teddy bear at heart. He plays a mean base. Put the two together and you have a groove to JAM to. I love it when Danny gets cut loose to do a solo base. If you energize him, talk to him, let him feel it, he talks back in such a four string vibe, all you can say is, "holly shit".

Okay, yes, I enjoy Danny's music. This day, however, was about his birthday with friends, and the 1st Track Lounge induction into their musician hall of fame. Here are some photos for you . . .

Those two tongues above have girls shaking in their pantyhose (with no panties) . . .

I could not stay for ye fellow Kings, for I had others to chase and capture. So forgive this mere person of imagery, for he thirst for more adventure!!!

318 N. Jackson St.
Crown Point, IN 46307
(219) 663-9838

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