Saturday, May 24, 2014

Chicago Red Hots vs. Guadalajara Minervas

"The first international USARS Roller Derby game in history", Chicago Red Hots vs Minervas of Roller Derby Guadalajara at the Cicero Stadium. I have not been to too many different bouts.  This one will rank the top of it all. Very professional from both teams.

The only time I have ever skated was when I was little. I understand the energy it takes to roller skate, let alone bout. This is a fierce energy, full contact sport. This is like football, without the grabbing and pull down. These ladies get hurt.

Watching both teams bout, you cannot help but feel the pride in their work.  As I review the photos for this blog, I am reliving the event, feeling the passion within each of these ladies. It is all about the derby, the bout, the existence of you, and them.  The existence of your team, and the one other the other team scoring their points. It is being a true sportsman in the heat of battle. It is about everyone saving face, yet battle to the death. Well, not death, but you get the hint.  They take this seriously. This is why we go to see them.

Here are the photos I took of the evening. (An abundance of photos to say the least.) I still have not found my groove with the camera in sports.  I am learning, just not there yet.

This first photo was just an education round for those who may not know derby . . .


Lining up getting ready for the whistle . . .

This Minerva, #53, was focused each time she came to the line. Was energizing to see her so focused.

The next photo shows the positioning they try to get before the whistle blows . . .

Zoom zoom . . . (Trauma kicks it into hyperdrive.)

Minerva #53 was spun around a few times, and always stayed on her feet.

Half time games . . . this was not easy. (Nobody was able to get the skate through the hole.)

And the prize is going to . . . not me!!! So, it could have been you if you had bought a ticket.

Everyone on Red Hots dancing before half time was over . . . I wanted to join them!!!!

Who's HOT !!! (I hope you are yelling it out right now . . .)

Remember, this is a full contact sport. People do get hurt on the track in roller derby . . . this was a safe fall . . .

No, they do not punch in derby . . . this next photo I happened to take after the initial contact with the shoulder (this is just the resultant body positions). Though, cool photo!!!

Turned around again. I see these ladies practice "inline" skating, for lack of better words. You never know from what position you are going or recovering from . . . be prepared! (See Minerva's #5 in below photo, as the jammer, with her one foot turned and skates tracking one behind the other.)

And as they wait for the time out, both jammers are in the back get'n down with the music!!! There is fun in everything we do . . .

The End

Or, so is the bout (the end). These athletes have made friends, International friends. They have made a difference in roller derby by being the first USARS teams to play Internationally too. Bravo!

You can see more on these two teams . . .

Minervas Roller Derby Guadalajara

Chicago Red Hots

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1 comment:

Dulraen said...

Thank you so much for sharing everything that happened :)
It was so exciting to see both teams in action!
We are proud of our "Minervas" that went so far away from home to give their very best!
I hope to see more bouts like this in the near future.