Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Chicago Art Girls Spring Pop-Up Shop - 2014

Glad I went last year. I came back this year, and glad I did. Where? To "The Chicago Art Girls Pop-Up Shop" held the day before Mother's Day.

The "Chicago Art Girls" open the one-day event to promote women artists, showcasing the range of creativity from clothing to art, housewares, accessories & more. (See their Facebook page, and Website page.) I believe this is an annual event, so start planning to attend next year, the day before Mother's Day.

Here are some photos of the event, that is held in Ravenswood. I did purchase some products while I was there!!!!

One vendor I purchased from last year, and this year, was Weener Ware (photo below). They got me with the "Blue Phone Box".

Weener Ware
Refined Bottle Cap Jewelry

My eye was also on some raku, created by Mary Obodzinski of Studio 1136. I liked the taller vessels on the right. Would make for an interesting lamp base.

Studio 1136, Inc.
Mary Obodzinski
1136 Waterford Cut
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Dear friend Robin Rios. The reason why a attended this event last year. She showcased her custom art skateboards and masks.

at the Zhou B Art Center
1029 West 35th Street, #403
Chicago, IL  60609

This next artistry is just plain fun, and adorable. Again, the "Blue Phone Box" caught my eye, then the aprons, then . . . well, who they are made for. Really nice.  Would like to see Beth apply to our local Griffith Central Market.

Four Eyes Handmade
Beth Cummings
Chicago, IL

And . . . I can truly say a lot caught my eye. This next table is from Melissa Zeigler Monroe. Perhaps Melissa will consider applying to our Griffith Central Market???!!!

Melissa Zeigler Monroe
12132 187th
Mokena, IL 60448

Art will always catch my eye. If I had the money, I would by a piece from every artist. This next photo is of Anastasia Mak Art. I found it colorful, meaningful, conceptual, and personal. I would like to see this work at the Griffith Central Market as well.

Anastasia Mak Art
Chicago, IL 60626

Okay, this next photo of art was not for sale . . . however . . . nice art!!!

I also bought some scented candles from Flam Bo. These are "hand poured all natural soy candles" made in Chicago. I am burning one now as I create this blog. I did not take a photo of her work, however, you can find out more at . . . Facebook.

I saw everything.  I did not take a picture of everything. If any of the artists in this Pop-Up Shop show would desire to have their name and contact info put on this blog, please E-mail me at wesbushby[at] (People use [at] instead of @ to keep the spam search engines from spotting an E-mail address and sending junk mail to us.)

In case any of you ever wonder, I do all this for free. My passion for photography comes from everywhere, including these ladies of The Chicago Art Girls Spring Pop-Up Shop 2104. One day, it would be nice to get paid for it. Na, lets not spoil the fun . . .

The Chicago Art Girls Pop Up Shop
Ravenswood Event Center
4011 North Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago, IL  60613

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