Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mountain Sprout / Dave Arcari / Lou Shields at Reggies

For those who know me, you know I will play around with my photographs "in camera" to avoid post production. For those who do not know me, well, now you do. Also, I choose not to become an expert in any one thing, except, life. So, I do not do photographic lighting well. I do not photograph musicians well. What I do well is to have a blast with it. I hope it shows.

Tonight, once again, the thought of seeing Lou Shields perform made the choice to get out of the house easy . . . along with my girlfriend Christi who has not had the chance to meet Lou, let alone hear / watch him perform. As I have written, Lou is a gentlemen's gentlemen among the musicians. Once you get to know him, it all makes sense. Lou, his music, his art, his skateboarding, all make sense. All you have to do is meet him to be satisfied. Though, I do own a couple of his CD's and art. Have to work on the skateboard I guess.

Tonight with Lou Shields were Dave Arcari from Glascow (not Kentucky . . . Scotland!), and Mountain Sprout from Arkansas. Lou, well he is local to me, South of Chicago, though I think any town in any part of the world can claim Lou as their own.

Lou opened, followed by Dave, with Mountain Sprout closing. Here are the photos . . .

Lou Shields

Dave Arcari

Can you say, "Stage Presence"? If not, then you have not seen or heard Dave Arcari! Dave is out to reach the world. You can just feel it. And reach he does.

Lou, Dave, and Friends

Mountain Spring


Grayson Klauber

Adam Waggs

Daniel Redmond

Ratliffe Dean Theibaud

Micheal Schembre

Dry county? Not with these guys . . . unless there is a song about it . . .

Fiddle, banjo, stand up bass, couple gee tars, and and guys who can play them. Real nice . . .

Enjoy the photos? Let me know. You are the customer. Me, I will photograph anything. You can catch the links to these guys at the top of the blog.

Thanks to . . .

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Dave Arcari said...

cheers Wesley - good meet you. Nice pix too!