Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Music Comedy Live - M.I.N.T.

Music Comedy Live, is ALIVE!!!! Lots of blood sweat and tears have gotten it this far. The realization of a thought is powerful. Knowing one can succeed is powerful. Adding to it actual success is mind blowing.

This week Music Comedy Live (MLC) opened. This Wednesday night I went to see the M.I.N.T. ensembles perform their music improvs. A new group of ensembles, for the new face lift, under the new name of MLC!

As a pedestrian, before you may not have noticed this little space on Sheffield Ave. Today, you take notice, thanks to the team who renovated it. The street-side view welcomes you in. You see the energy through the glass. You see the improvs pumped up, ready to take stage. When you come inside and watch the show, all hell breaks loose. The energy explodes. 

These improvs truly enjoy what they do. I have taken the leap to search new anything to photograph. I am super fortunate to have connected with Stephanie McCullough Vlcek. She allowed me to photograph Who Prov, my first taste if improv. As a patron now of music improv, this shit gets in your blood. You somewhat need your fix of these improvs to put balance in your life. The dull day-to-day no longer is dull. I am in such awe of these people. I find myself star struck, jaw hanging on the ground, never knowing what to say or do, because I am busy taking all this in. Each moment is the beginning of another. These improvs have proven that.

I cannot pump this up enough. I am an engineer wanting to be a photographer who basically flunked writing in school. However, drawing from the heart, you can never go wrong. So believe me when I say, you need to go see the shows at Music Comedy Live!

Here are my photos from this evening. The challenge is always having enough light. If it was not a challenge, I would not be doing this . . .

I get so wrapped up as an audience member, I forget I also want to photograph. Given that, to remember each ensemble name is like, forget it. Please, message me so I can add your ensemble name.


My Alligator Lady . . . that is what I will always remember her by . . . lol . . .

Our Dragon boys for the evening . . .

Yes, all of these people are great. This is the best representation of Chicago I have ever seen. To see an improv, to understand the difficulties doing inmprov, I cannot help but to be blown away. They have their game on!

Check out Music Comedy Live. I just happened to be hooked on M.I.N.T. However, there are many more shows to see . . .

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Silent Treatment


Music and Mimosas with Ashland


Sondheim Project

The Improv Match Game

Music Comedy Live
3110 N. Sheffield Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657

For more happenings around Chicago, check out . . .

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