Saturday, August 2, 2014

Root Riot - Save More Lounge 8/2/2014

Roots Riot Presents, has been a good theme for the City of Chicago. These are FREE shows held every 1st Saturday of the month, at the Save More Lounge in Chicago. We had a cool lineup this evening.

I am starting off with some photos around the neighborhood. Wouldn't you know, photographed everything but the outside of the Save More Lounge . . . 

Starting us off this evening was Mark Verbeck. He sounded very cool playing solo, though I do miss the voice of him and his heart throb Carlie. Together they make up Scotch Hollow. Tonight, we called him "Tator Tot", which Mark then added, "extra crispy".

Note that I started of photographing with available light. Quickly I switched to flash. Later I changed to a sepia tone setting and available light. Photographers prerogative.

Next up, Lonesome Tony, who hosts this 1st Saturday of the month event. Tony has done a good job promoting and supporting roots music in the Chicago area.

After Tony played a few songs, he brought up Mark for a little "Me and the Devil" music.

Mississippi Gabe headlined. I first met and listened to Gabe at the Office Session about a year ago, when I went up to listen to Lou Shields. Gabe's style of blues grabbed me. Bought 2 of his CD's then and wore them out. Bought his latest tonight.

Mississippi Gabe Carter

Lonesome Tony

Me and the Devil

Scotch Hollow
(Tator Tot)

Save More Lounge
4060 N. Lincoln
Chicago, IL  60618

Support the arts. Support Roots Music!!!

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