Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chicago by River

My friend Renee was wanting to go on the Chicago Architectural Foundation River Cruise a couple months ago. Unfortunately, I had to back out at the last minute because of health. Today, Christi and I met my son at his place in Chicago and all three of us went on the cruise.

Sometimes when I photograph, I fall in a trap of just photographing. I forget to look behind me, as it were, at my surroundings and how magnificent life can be. Chicago is just that. Magnificent. The river tour shows you just that. Just think, there is so much more to Chicago than this tour.

It was nice to know the name of the buildings, who created them, why they were created, when, and all that. It does give you a connection to a past, that frames your present. You make a connection to the region we live in, and the Chicago that plays a big part of the region. For this is what draws you in. Chicago speaks to you. I am listening, and capturing her voice as best I can with my camera.

With that, here are some photos I took. All are "as photographed". No post editing.

Chicago Architecture Foundation
112 E. Wacker Drive (boat dock)
(SW Corner of Michigan Ave. & Wacker)

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