Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rock 'N' Rail Street Festival 2014

Wow, 6 years now, and back then it was a 1-day free event. I had not been to this festival until today. Now, it is a 4-day free event!!! I stopped by home after work to grab my cameras, then headed out.

As soon as I hit the closed street for the festival, I felt the home town feel'n, like at the Griffith Central Market. People out enjoying themselves. I arrived just after 6:00. People were still coming after getting home from work. When I left an hour later, it was filling in nicely. For a Thursday, this was starting off well.

Here are some photos for you to enjoy. The festival runs through Sunday. So you have plenty of time to go see the festivities, including a lineup of music . . .

There is quite a music lineup for this event. I have the schedule at the end of the blog. What impressed me was this great stage, and super great sound system. It blew me away.

This evening I listened to Nicole Jamrose (click here for Facebook link). I first saw / listened to Nicole at the Griffith Central Market. That was nothing, compared to her sound on this fantastic stage. She blew me away . . .

Yinyang GourMeal!!! I know I am to stay impartial, however, I love the Korean BBQ Tacos and Kabbobs from this truck. I have eaten from here many times. Tonight the Korean BBQ Tacos were superb!!!

Here is the music lineup for this weekend . . .

Rock 'N' Rail Street Festival
Sponsored by the Town of Griffith
Concert Venue
August 28th thru 31st
100-200 N Broad St
Griffith, IN  46319

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