Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Steepwater at Beer Geeks 8/12/2014

It was really nice to have The Steepwater Band play next to home. Their debut at Beer Geeks. That meant I could go catch their first set before I had to catch some sleep for work.

Superman Jeff Massey, my drummer hero Joe Winters, cool bad ass bass player Tod Bowers, and guitar wail'n Eric Saylors took the stage at Beer Geeks for the Tuesday Blues night. As one would have thought, they packed the house. One would also have thought, they packed the house about an hour and a half before the show started. If you are one of those people who thought that, you get a gold star.

I name these guys for fun. The reality is, they feed off each other for their energy burst. You will see Eric feed off Joe. You will see Tod feed off Joe. You will see Eric and Jeff feed off each other. You will see Tod and Jeff feed of each other. Poor Joe I think sits back there, keeping rythm, probably thinking, who do I feed off? No worries. The band sits back basically saying, Joe your the man, and Joe skins out a solo that makes you thing the boys just teased us along the way for Joe to close it. Oh, remember, the song is not finished until the drummer makes it so!

This big ship goes on its journey, making course corrections along the way. The sight is never far away. A stop here, a stop there. Jeff Massey captains this ship. It is an automatic, a given within the band, that Jeff is in charge. You can see their music allows for each member to play their part, keeping it fast and smooth as it goes. There are no storms in their book, unless they make it so. When they choose to storm, they pull the plug and play hard. Each giving it there all, in their turn.

These guys are smooth. Well oiled. Both in music and personality. I cannot help but think they are part of my family. They feel the same for each one of us. If we ever had a family reunion, the roof of the building would blow off.

With that, take a look at the photos from their first set of the evening.

It is all about the journey. Not if you have arrived.

The Steepwater Band

Beer Geeks
3030 45th Ave.
Highland, IN 46322

"Lord, when I die, please make a day that all can play for me. (Musicians, artists, improvs, American and UK actors, all who I know . . . All Aritsts.) Make a day of passion, one party, to uplift all who I know and care. Help them to continue their journey to fulfill my last desire for all to rock on. We are related through passion of many forms, including my photography. Peace." - Wes

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