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Beatles Fest 2014- Hammond Indiana

I could not decide which to put up top, so you get both!

Update 8/23/2014.  Here is the link to Bilbionaire Photography's Beatles Fest 2014, Debra's blog. You can also go to her history on the right (as you can on my blog) and look for August 2013 for that years Beatles Fest.

This is now my 3rd year attending Beatles Fest at the Blue Room Cafe, downtown Hammond, IN. This is also my 3rd year photographing it. (The festival's 9th annual.) This year, like other years, there were other photographers to help capture this event. The difference this year, we were organized!!!

The other photographers I worked with are Angela and Debra. Between the three of us, our photographic "voice" is very different. So I chose this as an opportunity to exploit our strengths. I have seen some of their photos, and they are spectacular.

If you combine my blog with Angela's and Debra's photos, you will have the real picture of what took place this Beatles Fest. When their photos become available, I will add a link to them in my blog, and re-publish my blog for you. In the mean time, here are my photos.

Our musical lineup this year . . .

Brit Beat


The Crawpuppies

Nomad Planets

The Beatles Bluegrass Band

Rising Dawn

Rhythm Scholar

Paul Henry's Art Gallery Jam Band

The above photo is my friend Haley, in between her sound check prior to music start. The photo below is Paul Henry's Art Gallery tent with artist Kathy Rangel. She created the Beatles painting in the following photo that was raffled off.

Face painting, and okay, a leg or arm . . . sponsored by Paul Henry's Art Gallery and the actual body art provided to you by Jaclyn Lash (The Grove Tattoo) and her friends.

Beatles merchandise . . .

Paul Henry's Art Gallery Jam Band opened the musical portion of the day.  If you have not been to Paul Henry's Art Gallery, you should go. You will find fine art from our regional artists. Thursday nights are special, in that you can walk through the gallery, take in the art, and take in our local crowd who come to enjoy the acoustical JAM.

I plug PHAG a lot because this gallery and their Thursday night JAM became the re-start of my photographic journey. A lot of memories.

Children's shows were taking place throughout the day. This is truly a family environment. 

Rising Dawn


Without our sponsors to help defer the huge costs, we would not have all the entertainment at this annual event. Thank you Sponsors!!! Please support our sponsors when you can!

Back to some more Rising Dawn on stage . . . 

Kids stage, having a blast playing guitar, and auditioning for tonight's kids challenge . . .

What is nice to me, is that each year you see improvements. Lessons learned from prior years are applied. As an Industrial Engineer, I appreciate that. As a fan of Beatles Fest in Hammond, this means it is becoming easier to get around and partake in the festivities as this festival grows.

The Beatles Bluegrass Band

The nose bleed section . . . best view in town. This photo was taken early in the festival. Check it out later as you scroll through the photos.

Nomad Planets

Some of the people of the Sponsor tents. You too can sponsor! Check it out next year if you are interested in supporting this festival.

The Crawpuppies


The nose bleed section again . . . the crowd was really enjoying. Especially the children . . . they are getting a taste of what it was like when I was their age with the real Beatles on stage.

50/50 and raffle time . . .

Kids time on the main stage . . .

Brit Beat

Hey, if you have any photos to share that I can link this blog to, send me an E-mail to WesBushby[at] (Leave out the brackets and use @. I use them here so that search engines do not notice is and spam my E-mail box.) I will be linking Angela's and Debra's photos once they are ready.

As always, hope to see you next year!

A special thanks to John Vezmar and the Blue Room Cafe who created this event, and all of the sponsors that supported this event.  Please, play it again Sam . . .

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