Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Steepwater Band at HOB 8/14/2014

Sort of a last minute re-arrangement of my schedule to go see The Steepwater Band at the Chicago House of Blues this day. As always, it is nice to see the boys do what they do. It is inspiring to me.

I started at the back porch stage and saw for the first time Linsey Alexander.  Some true blues. The evening ended with Kenny Wayne Shepherd closing us out.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

The Steepwater Band

Linsey Alexander
(back porch stage)

Here are some photos.
Linsey Alexander

The Steepwater Band

I had to alter the photos here. There was too much blue light being used on stage, effecting the detail in the photograph. Sort of cool though, removing the blue.

Kenny Wayne Shepard

Some photos around Chicago . . .

I am thinking the stink of the "Trump" name on his building was a bit ridiculous. Look at all the signs on other buildings along the high pedestrian paths of the river.

You just cannot beat good live music. Especially like places at the Chicago House of Blues.

Remember, it is all about the journey. Not if you have arrived.

The Steepwater Band
"Lord, when I die, please make a day that all can play for me. (Musicians, artists, improvs, American and UK actors, all who I know . . . All Aritsts.) Make a day of passion, one party, to uplift all who I know and care. Help them to continue their journey to fulfill my last desire for all to rock on. We are related through passion of many forms, including my photography. Peace." - Wes

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