Saturday, August 16, 2014

SSRG vs. BCR 8/16/2014

Yes. Derby once again. I have come to the conclusion that when on the floor, derby teams will go after one another. Derby team mates will watch each others backs. I cannot help but suspect, that outside derby, if you mess with any derby girl, you will have the entire league down your throat.

This is serious. Injuries will occur. You know you will hit the floor hard. It is just a matter of time, or more times than you want to count. In the end, it is about release. You focus, you hammer, you try to stay up and on your skates. You beat down the hardships of the day, week, hour. You release.

This is just my take. I am not in the action, in the know. I just observe. I see those who struggle to stay focused, who's hardships may have gotten the the better of them. When that happens, these ladies corral around and get you back on your skates. It is not about the team, it is about "the team". That deep down feeling of family, but in a derby sort of way.

Okay, I am probably way off base. This is what I see at times. I also see individuals who have grown in this sport. I see them executing to a plan. I see them succeeding. With that, here are some photos starting with some warm up . . .

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You can find SSRG here . . .

South Shore Roller Girls (SSRG)
Northwest Indiana

Let us not forget the challengers . . .

Bone City Rollers
Warsaw, IN

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